Child Custody Modification

Grace Law Offices avails the best specialized legal advice and representation when it comes to child custody laws in Georgia. Georgia child custody law allows for attempt(s) to modify custody once every two years after the prior custody order. In certain emergency circumstances the two year bar can be waived. The standard for custody modification found in chapter 19 of the Georgia Code is that there has been a change in circumstances that have a negative effect on child and that the best interest of the child requires the modification.

An experienced lawyer can know how to present the evidence that is competent and admissible in court to offer the proof required to sway the Judge toward a decision on your behalf. We are equally proficient with family laws on sole custody as well as child temporary custody laws in Georgia. Contact us now for the best Georgia child custody attorney to make the most of your case.


Consult an Attorney

The number to call is (404) 660-2740. You may send an e-mail to If you want the result in your favour, it is advisable to not consult an experienced and accredited Georgia child custody attorney.